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Brewer’s Yeast Flakes 12 oz

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  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY ENERGY LEVELS: Brewer’s yeast is naturally packed with B vitamins, protein, and trace minerals, so it supports energy levels, muscle development, and workout recovery.
  • NUMEROUS BENEFITS: Brewer’s Yeast is used to help with a wide range of issues from immunity and brain health, to pregnancy and mood.
  • THE ONLY BREWER’S YEAST WITH FOLATE: Lewis Labs is the only Brewer’s Yeast that contains Folate, the natural form of folic acid.
  • UNLIKE SIMILAR PRODUCTS, IT’S GLUTEN-FREE: Most Brewer’s Yeast products are grown on a medium of corn or other grain. Lewis Labs Brewer’s Yeast is not, making it gluten-free.

Customer Reviews

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Brewer’s Yeast Flakes 12 oz

Gregory Battaglia
Best Brewers Yeast But Not Like the Original

Maybe it's my age, but the yeast from Lewis Labs from circa 2005 and earlier always gave the best energy boost of anything I ever ingested.

Aila Sewallius
Brewer's Yeast Flakes

My favorite Brewer's Yeast. Thank you!

Deborah Batur
Best on the market

I have been using Louis labs brewers yeast flakes for more years than I can remember. I have tried other, less expensive brands, and always, always go back to Louis labs. They are by far the best tasting, and in my opinion, most nutritious. They also have a great customer service department.

doug rose

Brewer’s Yeast Flakes 12 oz