Testimonial from Karol Melton

I have tried other so called "protein powders" as my daily breakfast drink but always return to the Lewis Labs Over40® formula.  I am partial to the vanilla custard flavor.  I first used the product, probably 10 years ago, when only the "original" flavor was available.  In the past 5 years or so, I have tried powders offered by my local grocery store, Puritan's Pride (do not recall the name) and more recently PH Balance Alkalizing Formula from Swanson's.  These products cost less, but there is no comparison with the quality of your product.  Yesterday I placed an order for 12 each of the Lewis Labs Over40® formula and I do not intend to try other products in the future so long as you maintain the quality you have in the past.

Karol M.

Colorado Springs, CO

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