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Lewis Labs: Our Story

Our Story

Lewis Labs: Makers of High-Quality, Nutritionally Complete Dietary Supplements For 46 Years 

Like many great products, Lewis Labs’ supplements were borne out of necessity. As a pharmaceutical executive, Myron Lewis traveled extensively overseas, along with Dr. Vernon Williams, head of research and product development for the same company. Every year they made several trips to Asia, Europe and South America, each time exposing their health to considerable stress and fatigue due to constant time-zone changes and jet lag.

As part of his work, Dr. Williams closely followed worldwide nutritional research. Together with Lewis, he began to wonder whether a nutritional supplement could be the answer to their problems. Months of research led to the formulation of what would become known as Staminex®. Lewis recalls, “When we put this product together, we knew it would be exceptional. ­ It was designed that way – strictly engineered nutrition.”

For several years, only family and friends were users of this "private" product. The results were so impressive they decided to make it available to the general public in 1973. In 1976, Lewis married Diana Franklin and together they began research into other nutritional products. They searched for the best raw materials and processed them with care. They also incorporated the unique synergistic qualities of nutrients – recognizing the effect of nutrients taken together is far greater than when taken separately. Lewis Labs became known for their complete nutritional supplements, each one unique and of superior quality.

Today, Lewis Labs continues the work of Myron Lewis with a continued focus on uncompromising attention to quality and detail that ensures success for the company and its customers well into the future.