Testimonial from T. B.

I used your Lewis Labs Staminex with Ginseng® during the 80's and was very successful at losing a large amount of weight and keeping it off for some time. Then, for some reason, the stores in Northern California where I purchased it stopped carrying it.

I was told that Lewis Labs Staminex® was no longer being made.

After an injury where I couldn't exercise for about a year, I gained all the weight back and feel that this would not have happened if I had known where to obtain your protein supplement. 

Just on a whim, today, I put the Lewis Labs Staminex® name into Google search, found you, and discovered that I had been lied to by the health food store. 

Since then, I've tried other protein supplements [Atkins, MRM with L-Glutamine added (I discovered that this amino acid completely takes away my desire for sweet, sugary snacks)] and many others and none of them have even come close to being as effective as Lewis Labs Staminex®. 

Even though the taste made it difficult to take -- I would mix Lewis Labs Staminex® in a small amount of really cold water with a sugar substitute and drink it down quickly in two to four swallows -- I cannot wait to taste it. 

Now that I've found your product again, I feel confident of achieving my weight loss goals once more and keeping the weight off for good.

T. B., CA

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