Testimonial from Alison Bailey

I forgot to mention that we first took Lewis Labs Staminex® over 15 years ago when we were on the road as a husband-wife truck driving team.  It helped us cope with long hours and difficult conditions.  In spite of what can be a quite stressful occupation, we were rarely sick, and if we were under the weather it was usually mild compared to what others with the same colds, flu or whatever were experiencing.  For whatever reason we got away from using it for a period of years, but are glad to be back on it.  I don't think we realized how much it was helping us. 

At least one coworker of my husband's has asked about it, so we gave him a copy of the testimony from your website by the person who worked in the nuclear power facility (we really liked that one!), and referred him to the website itself.

I'm an RN at a long-term acute care facility taking care of many patients suffering from life-threatening, multisystem problems, many (if not most) of which are related to poor lifestyle choices--smoking, poor diet and exercise habits, etc.  I see the effects of those poor choices every day, and it's important to us to do what we can to take care of ourselves.

Again, thank you, best wishes and God bless.

Alison B.

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