Testimonial from Kevin

Your product arrived in a most timely manner and this is to inform you that I have noticed immediate results from the product. After two (2) portions, PM and AM, I can literally feel a subtle but enhanced sense of wellbeing, alertness and increased energy. Lewis Labs Staminex®, at least with me, seems to somehow impact hunger and takes the edge off hunger pangs, reduces cravings and somehow softens the desire to eat for the sake of eating. This I think is part of the 'magic' you allude to, at least with me it is. I have been aware of nutritional needs for many years now and your product is truly remarkable - I have never experienced anything like Lewis Labs Staminex®.

Thank you and rest assured, I shall sing the praises of your product to friends and family. Please feel free to use this comment and my name for promotional purposes, if you are so inclined to do so. 


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