Testimonial from Zoey Bond

Dear Lewis Labs

I have managed to lose 20 lbs on your Weigh Down Formula.

After 9 years of being overweight & trying every diet, I have finally found a product I can live with that helps me lose weight & keep it off. Thank you Lewis Labs for your 100 calorie Weigh Down formula.

I am 5ft 2in and of small build. After years of practice I can say I am good to lose weight and keep it off by committing to 1,000 calories or under a day. This is a life long commitment.

I take your 100 calorie serving of Weigh Down and mixed it with water, never milk, for breakfast and dinner. For lunch I eat some fresh protein and vegetables with a little olive oil and black pepper. No salt is added to any food.

I drink lots of water in between meals and if I get really ravenous, I may snack on tomatoes, a piece of cucumber, avocado or a boiled egg... at night I always need something sweet and a few strawberries or piece of watermelon does the trick. Weight comes right back on if I eat a nut, piece of cheese or fried food of any kind.  If I break my rule one day I make it up on the next!

I have found the only way to keep it off is to stick to the program for the most part. I still have another 15lbs to go. Occasionally, I go out to dinner in the evening in which case I take your Weigh Down formula for lunch.

I have had to cut out pasta, rice, bread, butter,potatoes and bananas - and I never walk down the chip aisle in a supermarket.

In order to lose weight I have had to totally cut out all dairy products, including milk and butter, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, bananas and nuts.

But I have to tell you I feel a lot more energetic and brighter. My skin and my hair is looking great. Overall I look and feel so much better.

Thank you again for your wonderful product and I hope you never stop producing it.


Zoey B.

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