Testimonial from Bill Horelick

Dear Lewis Laboratories,                                                         

I am not in the habit of writing thank you notes to corporations but I do want to thank you for manufacturing the product, Lewis Labs Dog Formula®.  A few years ago, my father suffered a stroke and I became one of his caretakers along with other family members.  My father's dog "Buster" had been his faithful companion after the death of my mother and we gathered to discuss the future of my father and Buster.  "Buster" is a chocolate lab mix of advanced age that had been adopted as an adult about 12 years ago. His health appeared to diminish with the years. In spite of frequent baths he had developed a strong doggy odor, he was listless, his eyes cloudy and he spent most of his time napping.  The walks he so enjoyed seemed to be an effort for him and his legs would occasionally collapse when he would try to move faster than a walk.  My sister said the first thing to do was to take him to a veterinarian for a physical examination.

The vet did a complete workup and told us Buster is not diseased but has ailments typical for a dog of his advanced age. He asked about his diet (my Dad fed him some table scraps along with ordinary dog food) and said that perhaps a diet designed for older dogs might be in order.   He offered to euthanize him then or we could take him home, keep him comfortable and when the time came he were to call him and he would put Buster to sleep without pain. Buster is a wonderful dog deserved a better prognosis than that.

We brought him home and he went right to his bed for a nap.  I told anyone who seem interested, about Buster's condition and happened to hear from someone about your Lewis Labs Dog Formula®. I finally obtained some and was impressed with its ingredients. I figured it would not hurt to try it for a while if Buster would agree.  I mixed it with some of table scraps and Buster seemed to enjoy it. I added the recommended amount to his food every day. 

Seldom have I been so pleased with any product. In a few weeks Buster's energy had noticeably improved.  The only change in his life was the addition of Lewis Labs Dog Formula® to his diet.   His coat lost the dryness and developed a nice sheen, the strong doggy odor lessened; he became eager to go for walks and even would successfully climb stairs that he had avoided previously. I was amazed that his eyes became bright with only a hint of cloudiness. He is enjoying himself again.  The change was apparent to everyone and we could not be more delighted. Both my father and Buster are doing very well now and enjoying their time together.  We all thank you for it.  I am enclosing a snapshot of Buster (he is the one on the left) with my dad taken on Dad's 92nd birthday. I recommend Lewis Labs Dog Formula® to anyone concerned with improving the condition of an older dog in spite of the hoops one must go through to obtain it.


Bill H., CT

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