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Multi Collagen Powder 10.6 oz

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5 TYPES OF COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE FOR THE BEST RESULTS: You get 5 types of grass fed bovine collagen (Types I, II, III, V, X) for unmatched results. We only use the finest grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine collagen without using any hormones, chemicals or antibiotics. Our collagen has been specially hydrolyzed into tiny particles, so it is in the most bioavailable form for optimal digestion and absorption.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Parmenter

I am totally disappointed by Lewis Labs. They ran out of the Multi Collagen+Protox and decided to send me a substitute which did not have the same ingredients (Life's Fortune Multi Collagen Protein). I have been going back & forth with your "customer service" (Josie), but have not gotten any satisfaction at this point. I sent an email on 11/9/2022 asking where the return labels were. It is now 11/16/2022 and I have not gotten any response. I expected more from a company like Lewis Labs.
I had a similar experience with another company - they ran out of the product I was ordering. Instead of just sending me any item as a replacement, they reached out to me. They asked me if I wanted to wait, if I wanted a refund OR if I wanted something else in place of what I ordered. I waited & within 2 weeks I had my order. You could learn something from this!

Denisse Guzman

Excellent I really love it

Kristin Donofrio
Great customer service !!!

A+ ...,really like their products .

Kristin Donofrio
Great Product

Very happy with the quality of this product.